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  2. Kyungsoo with a Penguin fan ~ Oh my cute penguin


    a lot of fans are drawing fanart on DC ; w ;  (dc 1, 2)

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    Kris: Tao! dont play around!

    Tao: Look Honey~ its so funny!!

    Kris: .. Dont be childish! lets go back home!

    Tao: Dont let go of my hand! i will fall!

    Kris: If u are not coming down i will fuck you!

    Tao: … ( oh really?? )

    Kris: You ..

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    This amazingness. 2000 pictures of Kris to make Kris

  6. Happy birthday Baozi <3


    Their new hair colors though !  <3

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    Physically 25, mentally 5. Just 25 years ago, unknown to everyone, a star was born. The man who I never knew will be the reason behind my smiles. The man who who gave me pains and heartbreaks. The man who I never regret knowing and meeting. Happy Birthday, Kim Minseok. I’ll never stop loving you

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  7. Thank you so much chingu’s/tomodachi/friend/amigo/kaibigan ♥

    This day was super FUN *

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  8. Ittekimasu!
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