1. With the stylist ♥ @kimtangub_07 


  2. Got my MCS shirt ! ♥

    Thanks Vinkay Art Collection =)

    #Chibi #MCS

  3. Selfie of the day !

    Haggard masyado ang CHEMISTRY ..

    #FINALS #Fighting

  4. Ittekimasu !

    Start your day with a smile :D

  5. Mura najudug basurahan diri ..

    Hapit na jud ko mahuman sa portfolio ~ T-T

    Rquirements for finals, plese have mercy.

    We still have exams coming up


  6. They say I turn japanese when I cry


  7. I feel so girly today *-*

    Look at my Ribbon ~

    #girly #asian

  8. My brother and I found our granpa’s long lost NOKIA 3310

    The both of us was like :

    #Fun #classic

  9. First Friday of the month :D

  10. First Friday of the month ♥

    All white ~